LogTag UTRED-16 Vaccine Transportation Kit

  • -40C to 99C Temperature Range
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Year Typical Battery Life
  • Direct USB Connection to PC Computer; Docking Station Not Required

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UTRED-16 Vaccine Transportation Kit
Product ModelUTRED-16F (Fixed Battery).
Sensor Measurement Range-40C to +99C (-40F to +210F).
Operating Temperature Range-30C to +60C (-22F to +140F).
Storage Temperature Range0C to +40C (32F to +104F).
Rated Temperature Reading Accuracy Better than =/-0.5C (=/-0.9F) for -20C to +40C (-4F to +104F), typically =/-0.3C (0.6F).
Better than =/-0.8C (=/-1.4F) for -40C to -20C (-40F to -4F), typically =/-0.5C (0.9F).
Better than =/-0.8C (=/-1.4F) for +40C to +70C (+104F to +158F), typically =/-0.7C (1.3F).
Better than =/-1.2C (=/-2.2F) for +70C to +99C (+158F to +210F), typically =/-1C (1.8F).
Rated Temperature Reading Resolution Better than 0.1C (0.2F) for -30C to +60C (-22F to +140F).
Better than 0.2C (0.4F) for -40C to -30C (-40F to -22F).
Better than 0.5C (0.9F) for +60C to +99C (+140F to +210F).
Please see the Rated Native Resolution chart below.
LogTag Analyzer currently displays to one decimal place of C or F. The native resolution is what is stored in the LogTag®istered;.
Recording Capacity16,129 temperature readings.
112 days @ 10min logging, 168 days @ 15min logging. Statistics memory (for display on LCD): Max/Min values and alarm duration values.
Sampling IntervalConfigurable from 30 seconds to 18 hours.
Logging Start OptionsPush button start or specific date & time. Optional start delay of up to 72 hours.
Recording Indication�???�??�?�¢??REC�???�??�?�¢?? symbol on LCD.
Download Time Typically with full memory (16,129 readings) in less than 30 seconds from time of insertion to availability of PDF report.
Typically less than 10 seconds from time of insertion to availability of LTD file in LogTag®istered; Analyzer (if configured).
EnvironmentalIP61 (when vertically mounted or hung with USB dust-cap in place).
Power SourceCR2450 3V LiMnO2 (Fixed battery).
Battery Life1 year storage, 2 years of normal use (based on 15 minute logging, download data monthly).
Real Time Clock Built-in real time clock.
Rated accuracy =/-25ppm @ 25C (equivalent to 2.5 seconds/day).
Rated temperature coefficient is -0.034 =/-0.006ppm/C (I.e typically +/- 0.00294 seconds/day/C).
Connection InterfaceUSB 2.0, A-type plug.
SoftwarePDF Reader, LogTag®istered; Analyzer 3.1.9 or higher.
PDF ReportOne page report with trip and alarm summary. Multi-page report with list of readings, including date and time.
Size93mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T) including protective USB cap.
Case MaterialPolycarbonate.