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LogTag TRED30 VFC Kit

CDC Compliant
LogTag TRED30-7R - 30 LCD Display
20 ML Glass Buffer Vial with Stand
Wall Mount - NIST Calibration Certificate

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Starting at $147.00
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LogTag UTRED30 Wifi VFC Kit

CDC Compliant
Wifi/Cloud-based VFC Kit using UTRED30 Wifi Logger
NIST Calibration Certificate
External Probe / Buffer Vial
Wall Mount

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Starting at $249.00
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LogTag UTRED30-16 VFC Kit

CDC Compliant
Check and reset Min-Max temperature reading at any time.
Audible alarm and flashing red LED signals a temperature alarm.
View alarm status for up to 30 days at a glance.

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Starting at $190.00
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LogTag LTI Wifi Wall Mount

Put your TRED30 Logger Data In the Cloud!
Compatible with all standard-sized external probe LogTag models
Connects to wireless access points and routers with WPA/WPA2 Encryption
LCD displays current status

Starting at $110.00
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Control Company TraceableLIVE Thermometer with Bottle (6500)

Monitor remotely temperature and more. Connect to existing WiFi
Alerts: temperature alarm, connectivity interruption, low battery
Cloud-based data interface (subscription required)

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Starting at $250.00